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PhD Scholarship in Biophysics

Center for Bioactive Discovery in Health and Ageing
University of New England, Armidale

A PhD scholarship is available to examine the role of profilin as a regulator of cancer aggressiveness. This is part of an NHMRC project grant to Dr Pierre Moens (UNE) and Prof Glenn King (UQ). The successful candidate will be co-supervised by both Chief Investigators and will work on a cutting-edge project that applies recent advances in fluorescence microscopy and NMR spectroscopy to understanding key aspects of the interaction of profilin with its ligands and how these interactions alter the effect of profilin as a regulator of cancer. In particular, you will investigate how cancer can be suppressed by altering the interaction between profilin and its binding partners (lipids, phosphoinositides, and actin).

We are seeking a motivated graduate to join our international and multidisciplinary research team. During your PhD, you will work in close collaboration with world leading laboratories in the US and Denmark. To be successful you will need a high level of creativity and excellent problem solving skills.

The scholarship offers a minimum stipend of $23,625 pa for up to three years with a possibility of a top-up to $30,000 pa for an outstanding candidate.

A suitable candidate would be a recent graduate in Chemistry, Biochemistry or Physics who wants to embrace the field of Biophysics and in particular fluorescence.

For further information regarding this scholarship, please contact Dr Pierre Moens on (+61-2) 6773 3740 or via email: pmoens@une.edu.au
Applicants should forward their CV with their application to:

Dr Pierre Moens,
School of Sciences & Technology
Center for Bioactive Discovery in Health and Ageing
McClymont Building
The University of New England
Armidale, NSW 2351