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1st Advanced Fluorescence Bio-Imaging Workshop

Confocal Bio-Imaging Facility (CBIF)
Hawkesbury Campus, University of Western Sydney
8 - 12 September, 2008

You are invited to attend the Inaugural Advanced Fluorescence Bio-Imaging Workshop to be held at the Confocal Bio-Imaging Facility (CBIF), on the Hawkesbury Campus (Richmond) of the University of Western Sydney from the 8th to 12th September, 2008.


Lectures, hands-on demonstrations, experiments and data analysis in the following areas:

Advanced live cell labeling technologies
In vivo imaging of molecular and protein dynamics
Cancer imaging in living animals, metastasis and angiogenesis
Photoactivatable (PA) fluorescent proteins
FRET and FRAP techniques and analysis
Confocal micro-spectral imaging
Confocal Raman spectral imaging
Calcium and pH imaging in live cells
Multi-Photon Microscopy
Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM)
Phasor Approach for FLIM
Number and molecular brightness (N&B) analysis for in vivo protein
concentrations and aggregation mapping
Fluorescence correlation spectroscopic (FCS) imaging
Raster image correlation spectroscopy (RICS)
Image Analysis Software (Imaris) for 3D imaging, tracking and quantitative analysis

Detailed program, registration forms, venue and other workshop information will shortly be available on the CBIF website: http://www.uws.edu.au/health_science/chs/facilities

Invited speakers:

- Prof. Enrico Gratton (University of California, Irvine, Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics)
- Professor Robert Hoffman (University of California / AntiCancer Inc, San Diego)
- Dr Michelle Digman (University of California, Irvine Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics)

The full list of other invited speakers will be available by the end of June.

The workshop is aimed at the more advanced researchers and students and will take place in the newly founded Confocal Bio-Imaging Facility (CBIF) at the University of Western Sydney. This is a multi-user imaging and microanalysis facility that contains state-of-the-art confocal microscopes and a range of microanalytical instruments.

The programme will comprise of morning presentations by several international speakers and key researchers from the Australian fluorescence imaging community.

Hands-on training and experimental sessions, using confocal microscopes and other instruments, will be conducted each afternoon.

Participants have the option to trial various workshop protocols and advanced techniques on their own samples or to use samples that will be provided. Participants will be able to process the data collected from their specimens and analyse it using the Image Analysis Software demonstrated during the workshop.


Detailed program and registration forms will be available shortly at: http://www.uws.edu.au/health_science/chs/facilities

Registration for workshop lectures (09:30 - 13:00, daily) is unlimited in registrant numbers.
Registration for hands-on sessions (14:00-17:00, daily) is limited to 25-30 participants, depending on the availability of instruments, with groups of 4-5 per instrument or work-station.

Five day registration - lectures + hands-on sessions
Full rate - $495
Student rate - $250

Five day registration - lectures only
Full rate - $320
Student rate - $180

One day registration - lectures + hands-on sessions
Not Available

One day registration - lectures only
Full rate - $160
Student rate - $40

Please, email Anya Salih (a.salih@uws.edu.au) to reserve your place at the workshop.

Please note, workshop hands-on sessions are limited to 25-30 people and if you intend to participate, please alert Anya as soon as possible. Registration form and relevant information will be available via the web.


Morning and afternoon tea/coffee and lunches will be provided and included in the registration fee. Other meals can be purchased at the cafeteria or at near-by restaurants.

There will be a workshop mixer (Orchard drinks and nibbles) at 18:00-20:00 on Monday, 8th September (included in the registration fee) and a post-workshop dinner at a Blue Mountains restaurant venue on Friday, 12th September.


On-campus accommodation is available at the Hawkesbury College at 5 mins walking distance from the workshop venue. Rooms are single or double, with a shared bathroom at ~$60 / day or ~$300 / week (student rates - http://residences.uws.edu.au/hawkesbury_accommodation.html).

On-campus motel accommodation at ~$75 per day is at 5-10 min walking distance from the venue. Rooms have a kitchenette, private bathroom and a TV.

There are also a number of Bed & Breakfast accommodation options in the area.


A daily pick-up shuttle for workshop participants will be available from the airport and from Central Station in Sydney. Hawkesbury campus of UWS is located 1.15 hours from Sydney's CBD by car or 1.40 hours by train (Richmond line). On-campus parking is available.

Dr. Anya Salih, a.salih@uws.edu.au, tel. +61 2 4570 1543
Dr. Mark Jones, m.r.jones@uws.edu.au, tel. +61 2 4570 1444