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Visitors Information Exchange Program - Information exchange of academic/fluorescence related visits

The visitor information exchange program is aimed at exchanging information about academic/business visits of members or other related persons to various universities, research institutes, and companies, for the benefit of the FABLS community. Such exchange is hoped to not only shed light on what is going on in our community, but also allow others to arrange for these visitors to visit their own institution/companies, and arrange for similar programs. They can even offer to join in such programs, while considerabely reducing the cost of arranging the whole program by themselves.

  • Post details about a visit. If you are not logged in, you will be asked to login first. Please use your network login details (used to login to network forum).
  • View currently listed visits.
  • Edit the details of the entry you made: For this, please click on the "View Details" link of the entry you want to change, and if that entry was created by you, and you are logged in, a link will be provided at the bottom of the details table to let you edit the entry.
  • Login (for adding and editing entries, uses same login as the network forum login.)

Currently listed visits

The following are the currently entered visit information for Network members from universities and research institutes. Please click on them to vew more details.

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