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Research Projects

A list of on-page descriptions of the projects being undertaken by some of the current network members is available below:

FABLS One-page Project Descriptions
Project Title
1 Dr Anya Salih Multi-color photoactive GFPs from reef corals
2 Dr. Andrei Zvyagin, Dr. Taras Plakhotnik

Dr Andrei Zvyagin, Prof Michael Roberts
Application of luminescent nanodiamonds to intracelluar imaging

Background-free optical imaging of biological macromolecules

Application of multiphoton microscopy to skin imaging
3 Charles Cranfield, Ze’ev Bomzon, and Sarah Cartmell Femtosecond pulsed lasers for the stimulation of bone cells in bioreactors
4 Deborah Barton Localising Cytoskeletal Associated Proteins to Filamentous Networks within Plant and Animal Cells using Correlative Imaging Techniques
5 David Coutts, David Spence Compact Tunable Ultraviolet Lasers
6 David Jameson Dynamin: Conformational Dynamics and Ligand-Induced Self-Association
7 Dayong Jin, Russell Connally, Ben Smith and James Piper UV LED excited time-gated luminescence flow cytometry: inexpensive, portable and accurate flow cytometer for rapid micro-organisms real-time counting
8 Don McNaughton, Bayden Wood Raman and Enhanced Raman spectroscopy as micron and sub micron probes of single cells.
9 Prof. Duncan Veal FLUOROtechnics Pty Limited
10 Evgenia Matveeva Enhanced fluorescence immunoassay utilizing metal particles and/or plain metal surface
11 Filip Braet Development of Correlative Biomolecular Imaging Methods
12 Frédérique Vanholsbeeck, Andy Y.H. Chen, Sairam Iyer, John D. Harvey, Bruce
Smaill, and Gaetan Van Simaeys
Optical fiber probes for in vivo imaging of functional cells using optical coherence tomography and fluorescence
13 Fang Xie, E. M. Goldys Homogeneous Silver-Coated Nanoparticles and their Application for Fluorescence Enhancement
14 Hemant Bhatta, E. M. Goldys Rapid Identification of Microorganisms by Fluorescence Microscopy
15 Professor Helena Nevalainen How to retool the fungal cell factory
16 Professor H Stokes,
A/Prof M Gillings, Carolyn Michael
Rapid identification techniques for useful Biomolecules
17 Dr Yabai He & Professor Brian Orr, Mr Warren Bailey Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy
18 Mikaela Nichkova, Dosi Dosev, Shirley J. Gee, Bruce D. Hammock and Ian M. Kennedy Immunoassay microarrays based on microcontact printing of proteins and fluorescent Eu:Gd2O3 nanoparticles as novel labels
19 Judith Dawes, Graham Marshall, Mick Withford Sideways light delivery from optical fibre for surgical treatment
20 Chris Artlett, Judith Dawes Femtosecond laser dentistry
21 Assoc. Prof. J. Shapter Measuring Drug Interactions with Artificial Membranes
22 Dr. Jörg Wiedenmann Discovery and Engineering of GFP-like Proteins
23 Krystyna Drozdowicz-Tomsia, Jinjun Sun, E.M. Goldys Synthesis and Characterization of Photophysical and Colloidal Properties of Biocompatible Fluorescent Labels Based on Quantum Dots
24 Miguel Castanho Unravelling the mode of action of membrane-active drugs
25 Michelle L.Gee and Trevor A. Smith Probing Molecular Conformation of Polymers and Proteins at a Surface Using Novel Time-Resolved Evanescent Wave-Induced Fluorescence Techniques
26 Raquel Ibàñez, Belinda Ferrari and Peter Bergquist Real-Time identification of Micro-organisms by Quantum Dots and Flow Cytometry
27 Pierre Moens Profilin’s function as a tumor suppressor
28 Professor Paul Mulvaney Single Nanocrystal Spectroscopy
29 Dr. Paras N. Prasad Institute for Lasers, Photonics and Biophotonics - conducts multidisciplinary research program which includes Biophotonics, Nanomedicine, Nanophotonics, Photonics Technology, and Solar Cell Technology
30 Dr. Pall Thordarson Environmentally Self-assembled Gels for Drug Delivery
31 Ronald J. Clarke Fluorescence Probing of Sodium Pump Kinetics
32 Russell Connally (Inventor), Mr Warren Bailey (Management) FLUORESCENT CHELATE - Advancing new technology in the fluorophores industry
33 Associate Professor Robert Learmonth Advanced fluorescence techniques for studies of microorganisms
34 Toby D. M. Bell and Kenneth P. Ghiggino New Functional Luminescent Materials Studied Molecule by Molecule
35 Dr. Taras Plakhotnik Ultra Selective Visualisation of Physicochemical Processes
36 Dr. Trevor Smith Fluorescence Imaging on Small Space and Time Domains
37 Han Willem Borst, Mark Hink, Arie van Hoek, Ton Visser Microcpectroscopy Tools for Research in Bio-Nanotechnology
38 Dr. Wouter Kalle Development of a cheap and simple immuno fluorescent staining protocol for Mismatch repair proteins in possible HNPCC related tumours
39 Xin Zhao, Dr. Andrei Zvyagin, Prof. Michael Roberts The use of multiphoton microscopy for assessment of absorption of selected chemicals in skin
40 Zoueu T. Jérémie, Diomandé K. Optical diagnosis of human malaria parasites