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4th FABLS Annual Workshop 2008






Invitation to attend

You are invited to participate in the '4th Annual FABLS Workshop', at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) Auditorium at the University of Queensland, Australia, on 21-22 February 2008.

Held over one and a half days, the new format will allow greater time for networking, discussion and planning for the future of FABLS. The FABLS Network, funded by the ARC, is designed to stimulate research by fostering new linkages and new research projects and in this context, our yearly workshop is an important event. Following our previous model, we have organised several lectures by high profile scientists and a poster session to motivate strategic discussions, especially in the view of the FABLS funding round in 2008.

The Workshop forum also provides opportunity for FABLS to hold its Annual General Meeting, where we will focus on administrative issues such as the approval of funding rules for 2008, the composition of Committees, and our Business Development activities for the final year and a half of the ARC funding arrangement.

This meeting offers an opportunity to think about future Centres of Excellence, CRCs or other large-scale collaborative initiatives.

A map of the St Lucia campus of the University of Queensland, showing the IMB Auditorium, can be found at www.uq.edu.au/maps and a printable version can be found at www.uq.edu.au/maps/pdf.

We encourage you to book your accommodation as soon as possible as there are a number of conferences in Southbank at this time and convenient accommodation will book out quickly.

We look forward to welcoming you to Brisbane.

Prof. Halina Rubensztein-Dunlop,
Prof. Norman Heckenberg and
Prof. Robert Learmonth
Conference Chairs

Prof. Ewa Goldys,
Network Convenor

Please Note: Venue is the IMB Auditorium at the University of Queensland not QUT as stated in the November Newsletter! Apologies for any confusion.



The one and a half-day programme will comprise 3 international speakers and 5 members selected from the Australian fluorescence community (Link to programme page).

There will also be a poster session, and we invite a submission from all Academic and Corporate members. The closing date for submission of poster abstracts has been extended and is now the 14th February 2008. A 'Best Poster' Prize of $300 will be judged by the Conference Chairs. Maximum poster size is 1200 mm by 1200 mm. Please see Registration section for details on how to submit your Poster title and abstract.

Lunch and morning/afternoon tea will be provided. The FABLS Annual General meeting will be also held during the Workshop.

The programme is now available as a pdf flyer. Please feel free to distribute the flyer to interested parties. (Link to downloadable Programme 2008)



In order to attend the 2008 Workshop you are requested to register your details. Registration is FREE of charge to Network members. Please REGISTER on-line. The closing date for registration has been extended to the 14th February 2008. Places are limited and hence the delegates should book early to ensure a place.

If you are not a member of the FABLS Network and would like to attend the Workshop, the cost is $50.00 to cover catering. Alternatively, you can simply join the Network on-line by completing the form to be found on the FABLS Website and attend the workshop free of charge.

If you wish to display a poster presentation of your work, please SUBMIT the form providing a title and short abstract. The closing date for poster submission is the 14th February 2008.



FABLS are in a position to reimburse Network members although, given the large increase in membership numbers, the actual amount of reimbursement will be determined on a pro-rata basis after the workshop. For example, if the budget available for reimbursement equals 80% of the total of all received receipts, then members will be reimbursed at 80% of their expenses.

Original receipts must be presented as soon as possible after the workshop to the FABLS Network Manager, Leah Boucher. See here for mailing address details. Closing dates for receipts will be 21st March 2008, after which the amount available for workshop reimbursements will be split as described above across those members whose receipts were received.

FABLS will endeavour to reimburse the cost of travel to the Workshop (economy flight) for all interstate travellers, and for accomodation of up to two nights (at no more than $150 p.n). Overseas members will be reimbursed subject to availability of funds.



Members are responsible for booking their own accommodation for the workshop period, noting that FABLS will endeavour (as discussed in the Reimbursement section) to cover accommodation expenses of up to $150 per night for a maximum of 2 nights for all interstate and international FABLS members.

Please find following a list of possible (though obviously not exhaustive) places to stay whilst in Brisbane, some closer than others to the University of Queensland where the workshop is to be held.

A map of St. Lucia and Brisbane can be found HERE.

Chasely Apartment Hotel
Type: Fully Self-contained Apartments
Cost: $135/room/1 BR apartment
Distance to UQ: 20 mins by River Cat or by bus
Website: www.chasely.com.au/
Address: 435 Coronation Dr, Auchenflower -- Brisbane, QLD
Contact: Reservations Free call: 1 800 503 371
Telephone: +61 7 3371 4000; Facsimile: +61 7 3217 8299
~ Complimentary Wireless Broadband service ~

Ambassador Motor Inn
Type: Motel, private bathroom/toilet
Cost: $89/room/single; $100/room/twin or double
Distance to UQ: Short walk
Website: www.ambassadormotorinn.com.au/
Address: 180 Gladstone Road, South Brisbane, QLD
Contact: Reservations Free call: 1 800 629 134
Telephone: +61 7 3870 7644; Facsimile: +61 7 3870 8332

Forest Lodge Apartments
Type: Self-contained apartments, private bathroom/toilet
Cost: from $99/room/single, $115/room/double
Distance to UQ: 2km, short bus-ride
Website: www.forestlodge1.com.au/
Address: 140 Central Ave, Indooroopilly
Contact: Phone: +61 7 3371 6600 / Fax: +61 7 3371 6107

Indooroopilly Lodge
Type: Motel, private bathroom/toilet
Cost: from $78/room/night (ensuite; sleeps 2; incl. breakfast)
from $38/room/night (single; share facilities; incl. breakfast)
Distance to UQ: 5-min walk to bus strop + 20-min bus-ride (numbers 414, 427, 428, 432)
Website: www.iplylodge.com.au
Address: 21 Riverview Terrace, Indooroopilly
Contact: Phone: +61 7 3378 4000 / Fax: + 61 7 3378 4577
Email: indlm@ozemail.com.au

Benson Court Motel
Type: Motel, private bathroom/toilet
Cost: from $100 per room for one person, $110 for two / Larger rooms for up to 6 people available
Distance to UQ: 2-min walk to bus stop + 10-min bus-ride (numbers 402, 411, 412)
Website: www.bensoncourt.com.au
Address: corner of Benson and MacDonnell Streets, Toowong
Contact: Phone: +61 7 1800 350 244 / Fax: +61 7 3870 3244
Email: reservations@bensoncourt.com.au

Taringa Gardens Apartments
Type: Apartment-style, private bathroom/toilet
Cost: One bedroom apartment (sleeps 4) - $123/room/night
Two bedroom, one bathroom (sleeps 4) - $127/room /night
Distance to UQ: 5-min walk to bus stop + 10-min bus-ride (numbers 414, 428)
Website: www.taringagardens.com.au
Address: corner of Waverley and Moggill Roads, Taringa
Contact: Phone: +61 7 3878 5500 / Fax: +61 7 3878 5053
Email: info@taringagardens.com.au

Toowong Inn & Suites
Type: Studio Apartment, private bathroom/toilet
Cost: $130/night/single or $135/night/double
Distance to UQ: 3km, short bus-ride
Website: www.toowonginn.com/
Address: 24 Lissner St, Toowong, QLD
Contact: Phone: +61 7 3871 1633 / Fax: +61 7 3871 1644

Palace Central Backpackers
Type: Backpackers' hostel, share facilities
Cost: from $25/person (dorm) / from $45/room (single) / from $65/room (double)
Distance to UQ: 5-min walk to bus stop + 20-min bus-ride (numbers 411, 412)
Website: www.palacebackpackers.com.au
Address: corner of Ann and Edward Streets, Brisbane
Contact: Phone: + 61 7 3211 2433 / Fax: + 61 7 3211 2466
Email: Brisbane@palacebackpackers.com.au

Palace Embassy
Type: Backpackers' hostel, share facilities
Cost: from $28/person (dorm) / from $75/room (double) / from $89/room (double with ensuite)
Distance to UQ: 5-min walk to bus stop + 20-min bus-ride (numbers 411, 412)
Website: www.palacebackpackers.com.au
Address: corner of Ann and Edward Streets, Brisbane
Contact: Phone: + 61 7 3002 5777 / Fax: + 61 7 3012 9929
Email: Brisbane@palacebackpackers.com.au

Somewhere to Stay Backpackers
Type: Backpackers' hostel, share facilities
Cost: from $19/person (dorm) / from $39/room (single) / from $49/room (double) / from $67/room (double; ensuite)
Distance to UQ: 15-min walk to ferry + 25-min ferry-ride
Website: www.somewheretostay.com.au
Address: corner of Brighton and Franklin, West End
Contact: Phone: +61 7 1800 812 398 / Fax: + 61 7 3846 4584

St. Lucia Gardens
Type: Serviced Apartments
Cost: $98/room/single; $100/room/twin or double
Distance to UQ: Short walk
Website: www.stluciagardens.com.au/
Address: 2 Gailey Road, St Lucia -- Brisbane, QLD
Contact: Reservations Free call: 1 800 637 662
Telephone: +61 7 3870 7644; Facsimile: +61 7 3870 8332

A printable map of the college grounds and its location can be found HERE.